Monday, February 18, 2008

memories of bali

we last went to Bali a couple of years ago. I first fell in love with paradise when i was 22 and have been there many times since... with good friends to enjoy the island. well, the little one can follow me and her mummy the next time we stop by.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

elysha nadira herman litak

i love you.... and i want to thank you for you have made my love for your mother much deeper and my respect for her much higher.

dads and their kids

there comes a time when we realise that there is a reason to work after all..... our kids magically turns us into kids again and yet forces us to grow up at the same time. they make us believe in the future and its promises.

Friday, January 11, 2008

3 is definitely not a crowd

lots of things has changed since her arrival. she has literally taken over our lives. she has engulfed us with endless worries and questions, quiet laughters and noisy hushes. she controls our sleep with her waking hours, our lunch and dinner with her constant whimpers. in spite of these, we love her. we love her cries and smiles, her quietness and noisiness, her stares towards us and mr flower, sounds she makes that we have yet to decipher. sometimes i feel she is mocking us but i know thats her way of telling us she loves and needs us. she changed us.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

handy work

we had help bathing elysha in the first few days of her life. in fact, we had a lot of help! many hands make the work light but too many cooks also spoils the broth... lets play a game: count how many fingers there are altogether in the picture above. the person with the right answer will win a used diaper courtesy of elysha, the one that smells the most!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

suntanning with dad

elysha was recorded to have a serum bilirubin level of 165 when she was discharged. after the first appointment at the polyclinic, her reading went up to 175. doc said a lil sunshine is good and doc was right... her reading went down to 144 the next appointment and was 58 last sat.

wife and me before elysha

the wife and me during helloween. we decided to dress up as respectful malays in traditional garb. we scare the hell out of the other witches, vampires and zombies! at this point of time, elysha has been in my wife's womb for 7 months. we spent our weekends searching for baby stuff. its amazing that the wife dont really shop for herself anymore. all things are for the baby now. i can see the change in perspective and indulgence long before this but it has intensified!

my girls

Elysha Nadira Herman Litak. I always pray for your safety, for you to grow up a beautiful and smart human being, for you to grow up a pious and filial daughter. Love thy mother my dear daughter for i am witness to her pure love for you.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

BIRTH and re-birth

welcome to my long absent blog site. it has been more than a year since i posted anything on this site due to ... well nevermind! anyway, i now have a compelling reason to take pictures and restart what i had stopped.
to my dear daughter, the only reason i restarted this blog is because of YOU!
plus, your mum has been bugging me to put up new and fresh postings now that you are around... she even said that i was just plain lazy when i said that it was unneccesary for me to restart this blog thing! last but not least Elysha... I love you and i thank GOD you came to our life...i want you to always remember that no matter what happens!

p/s: my dear wife, if you are reading this...I love you too and i am not lazy. hehe

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


"hair pulling is part of bonding", says the elder of the two. watever makes u kids happy.